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A fascinating anthology exploring the nature of our physical existence through quantum-holography, which proposes a re-think on how we view the material world and the role of bio-electromagnetic fields in our manifest reality.

Extra related sources:

Luc Montagnier et al. Paper:

Electromagnetic signals are produced by aqueous nanostructures derived from bacterial DNA sequences

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Nexus Magazine magazine 1996 article on Tsian Kanchzhen available here:

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The beautiful and rare book:

Electromagnetic Bio-Information. Fritz Albert Popp, Gunther Becker, Herbert L. Konig, Walter Peschka

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Link to source sited within the video:

Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe - with David Tong


Wave Genome, full timeline chapter breakdown:

Tribute to Dr. Peter Gariaev (1949 – 2020) Chapter list: 0:00:00 Introduction to the viewer 0:05:35 Table of contents 0:06:48 Part 1: Standard ideas about the genetic code 0:09:54 What the old paradigm cannot explain 0:13:44 New paradigm emerging 0:15:43 [Insert: Recommended viewing of lecture by Prof. David Tong] 0:15:54 Alexander Gurwitsch – ultraweak cell radiation 0:17:03 Fritz A. Popp – Biophotons, laser light from the cell 0:24:40 Part 2: Vlail P. Kaznacheev – "Cytopathic mirror effect" 0:27:11 Peter Gariaev – Quantum holography of DNA 0:30:31 Quantum entanglement and possible teleportation of DNA 0:32:47 Quantum coherence, Fröhlich condensate (BEC), Mae-Wan Ho 0:36:24 Coherence and possible superconductivity in microtubules 0:38:31 Fourth phase of water, liquid crystal gels 0:41:05 Elmar Fuchs and Jakob Woisetschläger – water electricity, "floating water bridge" 0:43:55 Metamaterials, hydro-gel nanoparticles, photonic crystals 0:44:51 DNA fractal antenna 0:48:53 Guido Ebner & Heinz Schürch – biological time regression 0:53:38 Part 3: Introduction to Linguistic genetics 0:56:07 DNA and Language – CGR, fractal DNA 1:01:52 Homonymy and synonymy in triplet coding 1:04:17 Context-dependency, Zipf's law, DNA like human language text 1:08:22 Fractal language structure and AI, computational linguistics, Blue Brain project 1:12:30 Modulate DNA by language, need for a 'higher linguistics' 1:15:19 Part 4: Experiments 1:15:52 Gariaev – Laser modulation by DNA 1:20:26 Gariaev – Remote pancreas healing of rats 1:23:23 Excerpt of Gariaev lecture in Austria 2012 1:27:02 Regeneration of Chernobyl seeds, and reversal of spinal cord injury 1:30:14 'Materialising' DNA in water – Luc Montagnier 1:33:57 'Audio transfer' of DNA 1:35:16 Tsian Kanchzhen – Biography 1:38:50 Tsian Kanchzhen – Biotron microwave experiments 1:45:10 Conclusion and Biography Copyright ©. All rights reserved. Please do not re-upload. Find more at the Solari Report -

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